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Trinity & Joanna

Trinity needed a lot of patience on my part and a lot of time to get through his horrific past. I thank Shirley who was able to give this to him. Not only have I gained someone that I can trust with my horses, but Trinity and I have gained a great friend in Shirley.


Shirley, we pray that God would continue to bless you on your journey, and we thank Him for bringing you into our lives. Without you and your persistence and encouragement, Trinity and I would not be where we are today.

Joanna and Trinity

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Leslie & Shadow

Hi Shirley,

I have been meaning to write this since my last lesson at your place. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your teaching me. I have loved riding Shadow and we have memorable time on trails and beaches, but I always knew there was so much more in her. I wrote this after riding her this week, and the feelings are the result of your help. Thanks. Leslie

After Years of bewilderment
And frustration on both our parts
Yet a bond of love so strong throughout
We are communicating
With fluidity and softness
With want and understanding
As she lifts her font end to pick up a lope so slow it is like swimming
I recall the dive bomb start of her lope of the past
As she turns to ask a question with liquid eyes
I shake my head as I remember her past face of sheer defiance
It is so simple really
And yet not
Your really have to tune in
To wonder where the holes are
The question and consider
And ponder without judgement
Until you see the way to ask
To explain clearly to her
In a way there she will understand
A little different from any other horse
But once you do
You will delight together
In your new found communication
And joy

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